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Business Succession

Business Succession

Business succession planning is a process designed to assist the business owner in transitioning out of business and transferring ownership of the business at the time of retirement while maximizing the business owner’s personal financial security.


Addresses all eventualities, including the possibility of death, critical illness or disability of a business owner.

Who's This For?
  • Key Person
  • Shareholder
  • Buy Sell Arrangement
  • Business Loan/Overhead Risk
  • Value of your business can represent a substantial source of income in retirement, therefore proper succession planning can ensure that the risks to your lifestyle in retirement is minimized.
  • If your hope is to have your business continued by one or more family members, then you will likely need to coordinate your business plan with your estate plan and explore any tax deferral opportunities.
  • Any unforeseen events could lead to problems in your business without proper planning. Advanced planning can ensure that you, your business and family are protected.